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Can a Realtor® Help You Find a Rental?


Can a Realtor® Help You Find a Rental

Finding a great rental can be a real pain in the neck, so having help can be a godsend. I know it, I've been there myself. Having lived through it many times, I knew I wanted to specialize in rentals when I became a Realtor® among my arsenal of skills. Today, and for the past decade, I help people find and tour rental homes.

While you can always choose to go it alone, having a professional help with your rental home search could be quite useful in your journey. Los Angeles is a big city with myriad neighborhoods and sub-neighborhoods, and as a native Angelino I can help point you in the right direction and save you the hassle of scheduling tours and tracking down property owners. So, what is the process of bringing on a Realtor® to help in your search? Here’s what you need to know:

Los Angeles Real Estate Agents and Rentals

As a local Realtor® I can help guide your search for a rental home from the very start, helping you find the right neighborhood, home size, and price range, then go with you to view the property.

More likely, though, you'll already have a lot of that information decided, so I will send you new listings that might be of interest to you, and offer to show the property to you.

No matter what, once you've decided on a rental, made an offer, and been approved by the landlord or management company, I can help you read and understand your real estate lease paperwork and make sure you know what is covered.

Your lease is a legal contract and has all kinds of vital information in it, including what repairs you'll be responsible for, the penalties for late rent, security deposit terms, and even the terms for breaking the lease.

You want to be sure you're not signing any rental agreement that puts you in a bad position financially or violates your rights as a tenant.

How Much Are Real Estate Agent Fees For Rentals?

In California, the property owner pays the real estate agent to help find a desirable tenant. But wait, you will have out of pocket fees for a credit check or application. Before you start to work with any Realtor®, make sure you ask what fees you will be responsible for paying.

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